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Looking to plan a trip that is sure to be an exciting and memorable experience? Stop by the Trendy Travel and Trendy Tours office, conveniently located in the Village Walk Town Center, to the right of the large water fountain, to see what tours and trips are available! Mary Florence, Denise, Patti and Dina make up our dedicated team of travel and trip experts, and are eager to help you schedule a "Once in a Lifetime" trip. 



3200 Village Walk Circle Ste. 104

Naples, FL 34109


Patti Olson, Travel Consultant                

Phone: 239-438-4222                           



Mary Florence Snyder

Phone: 239-449-9408




                           Village Walk of Naples /3200 Villagewalk Circle, Ste. 100, Naples, FL 34109 / Phone: 239-594-8044 / Fax: 239-594-7588